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In my youth, I was priviledged to spend time at a ranch in west Texas that my grandparents owned. The time I spent there was never enough, and I thoroughly enjoyed just being out there. The land was rugged, but beautiful. I would sit out there and just wish there was a way I could stay out there. Amazingly, after all the years between then and now, I still feel the same way. So because I cannot be out there all the time, and because of my long interest in photography, I finally gave in and bought my first SLR camera in October of 2008.

Texas isn't just a large state on a map. Texas has vast areas and types of lanscapes, nature and wildlife. One could live a lifetime photographing all of the different types, and never capture all of it.

I therefore decided to create this website in an effort to showcase the abundance of nature, landscapes and wildlife that Texas has to offer. In Texas alone, there are 132 State Parks, Natural Areas and Historic Sites. In addition to State Parks, the National Park Service has fourteen Parks, Preserves and other sites in Texas.

For a list of State and National Parks, please see the following links which will open in a new browser window:

   Texas State Parks
   Texas National Parks

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