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September 2011 Big Bend National Park

I made a trip to Lincoln National Forest and Big Bend National Park the last week of December in 2010, but was too busy with work when I returned to write up a report.  The images from that trip however are in my Big Bend gallery.


I had been away from Big Bend NP way too long due to being way too busy at work, and because I needed to save my 'PTO' (Paid Time Off) days for my upcoming hip replacement surgery.  I finally have my sugery scheduled for October 10th, and decided I wanted to get in a quick trip to Big Bend NP before my surgery, so I went this past Labor Day weekend.


I wasn't in a position to be able to hike much due to my hip, so I just took it easy this time.  I still took some photos while out there, but because of the heat, I had a pretty irregular schedule.  I would get up at 4am to shoot something in the morning, then explore roads like Glen Springs up to Pine Canyon and Juniper Canyon, then head back to my room at the Chisos Mining Co and take about a three hour nap.  Afterwards I would explore a little more then try to find something interesting to shoot that evening.  Finally I would end the day with dinner at the Starlight.


A photographer friend of mine that lives in Terlingua, and spends nearly all of his free time finding odd but neat locations, was kind enough to keep me company and show me some very interesting views with a lot of photographic potential.  Lee, if you read this, I just want to say thank you!


I was also introduced to a new restaurant in Terlinua, just north of the Post Office, called India's Cafe.  I have only been there for breakfast, but it was great.  Their hash browns are unlike anything I have ever had, and very good.  If you get a chance, it is worth stopping in.  Linda (India) and her husband are great folks to sit and talk to while having breakfast.


Again, I didn't visit anywhere that most cannot see with an OHV (Off Highway Vehicle), but here are some small images from my trip that can be viewed larger in my gallery at:

Cerro Castellan & Mule Ears Peaks at sunset:

Big Bend Cerro Castellan & Mule Ears at sunset


Rio Grande River sunrise from the Hot Springs trail near Rio Grande Village:

Big Bend Rio Grande River Hot Springs Trail


View from Pine Canyon Road:

Big Bend National Park Pine Canyon Road View


An amazing view from the back porch of someone's home in Terlingua:

Terlingua Back Porch View


A couple of rocks being highlighted by the setting sun on the Indian Head Trail:
Big Bend Indian Head Trail Rocks


I loved these rock formations on Indian Head Trail.  Again, the last of the day's rays lighting up these predominately red rocks:
Big Bend Indian Head Rocks


I happened to be in the area of Sotol Vista Overlook at sunrise, so I thought I would hang out and see it.  This wasn't planned, but I hadn't seen it from that vantage point and I wasn't disappointed:
Big Bend Sotol Vista Overlook at Sunrise


Sotol Vista Overlook again just as the sun is lighting up the lower hills:
Big Bend Sotol Vista Overlook Early Morning


I loved the way the rays of the sunlight were pouring off the mountains:
Big Bend Morning Mountain Rays


A beautiful sunrise just outside the park when I was on my way home:
Big Bend Red Sun Sunrise


Thanks for taking the time to read about my trip!  I can't wait to get my hip replaced so I can prepare for a busy upcoming year of hiking and photography!!!




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